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About Spain

Removals Spain has been operating as a leading European removals company for a decade now, specialising in personal and business relocation services from London to Spain and the rest of Europe. From our base, right here in the heart of London, we were the first company to respond to the growing demand for companies and families looking to move to Spain in order to set up a new life. They wanted a company who were familiar with heightened stakes, the unique challenges and the special circumstance that are all part and parcel of an overseas move.

It took us a few years to perfect this art, tweaking and honing our business model to try and ensure that we were in the perfect position to offer a service that could never be beaten. However, once we had done this, it became apparent that people who were moving a little bit closer to home were desperate for a company with our thorough nature and attention to detail to help them with a move that might be on a slightly smaller scale. As a result, while we continue to serve Europe, we have now expanded to bring everyone the same level of service, whether they are moving to Madrid, to Manchester or just across London to Marylebone.

The basic premiss of our plan was to reduce stress, and we looked to do this on a number of fronts. First and foremost we wanted to operate our pricing on a different level, and distance ourself from some of the stereotypical actions which have given our company a bad name. We have always said that, when you get your free quote from us, it is thorough enough to ensure that the price you are quoted is the exact price that you pay. Because we know exactly what you will need in terms of vehicles and manpower as a result of the thorough calculations and measurements we conduct in our removals assessment you don’t need to worry about the cost creeping up. You get one price, one number, no lies, no incremental increases or hidden charges.

Because of the scale we were used to operating on, when it came to moving into more local removals we already had an unsurpassed array of additional services, which you can choose from either as part of your initial quote or later in the day if you start to feel the squeeze. The upshot is that, rather than go to multiple companies, we are in a position to offer you cleaning services, packaging services and storage solutions right across Europe so that you have the security of dealing with one, trustworthy company and only have to worry about one bill coming in rather than three or four. It’s the sort of ‘keep it simple’ thinking that served us so well on our larger projects, and offers you unparalleled scope if you are moving closer to home.

However, we are under no illusion as to what it is that really makes the difference in our company. It is the men and women that you see doing the hard job for you day in and day out. It sounds like a cliche but it isn’t enough for our staff to be good at the physical aspects of the job. We make that clear in the hiring process and the result is that our staff truly understand the stresses that you are under, both financially and emotionally. They know the importance of showing respect and courtesy to you, your family, your business and your possessions wherever you are heading to; this is what will really make the difference to you on moving day.

So whatever you need, come to Removals Spain. We are fully BAR accredited and are confident in all aspects of what we offer so for your free quote get in touch with our dedicated call centre staff for your first taste of our personal service.